Sisterhood Ministry

The women of Mt. Olive provide spiritual support for one another inside the church and fellowship with each other outside. Their current motto is "See The Good: Enlighten, Embrace, and Execute".

Our women grow spiritually by praying, fasting, and worshiping together.  Our sisters also bond by participating in fun activities, attending empowering events and fellowshipping on monthly meetings. Currently all events are held virtually. For specific details on activities, please email


  • Provide priority care for church family. 
  • Inspire individuals to become better Christians.                          
  • Help members live a healthier and balanced lifestyle.
  • Create a platform to spiritually uplift one another.
  • Discuss career goals.
  • Talk about ways to grow financially as a Christian. 

"A woman may plan her own journey, but the Lord directs her steps." Proverbs 16:9