Missionary Department                                          

Mt. Olive Missionary's department currently thrives under the leadership of First Lady Norma Freeman.   This ministry serves the Durham community by sponsoring underprivileged families, volunteering at the urban ministries, and providing spiritual and financial support to church members during difficult times.  

The Missionary Department meets monthly and serves food at the Durham Urban Ministry quarterly.

Special Message from the President, First Lady Norma Freeman

"Thank you to all of our missionaries for a job well done and for your love and support toward our ministry. Our missionary group has endured a lot but God has shown us favor through the years.  Though, God has called many of our loving missionary sisters home to be with Him in Heaven, we must continue to work in His Vineyard. For we know if we faint not there's a Crown waiting for us in Heaven if we stay Faithful to His Task. "To God Be the Glory"