Historical Highlights

Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1891 by Rev. Ben Neal.  Before an edifice was erected, early members worshiped under a brush arbor. Three young girls, Sis. Mary Beasley, Sis. Susie Mitchell and Sis. Moriah Reddish, were asked to go into the community to solicit help to build a church. Through God's favor, two acres of land were donated for a permanent place of worship by Dock and/or Mead Belvin with the promise that the church would be named Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

After the founding pastor, several others have served as undershepherd.  The first church building was constructed under the leadership of Rev. W.H. Stanfield.  One fondly remembered pastor was Rev. James Whitted, who served from 1928 to 1949. The foundation for the present structure occurred in 1938 while he served. Many of the church’s auxiliaries were founded under his leadership.  So great was Rev. Whitted's dedication that he delivered his farewell sermon seated in a chair as his health was failing.  Yet another beloved pastor was Rev. A.T. Smith, who is currently the longest serving pastor in church history.  He served faithfully for 38 years until his death in 1987.  The church saw much progress during Rev. Smith's tenure. Following the death of Rev. Smith, Rev. Thelbert J. Brown briefly served as pastor until his death in 1989. During his short tenure, the church experienced immediate changes, most notably increasing Sunday worship services from two Sundays a month to four Sundays.

Today, the church continues to thrive under the guidance of its tenth pastor, Rev. J.W. Freeman, who was elected pastor in December 1989.  Pastor Freeman serves with an unequaled devotion to God and the church.  Many significant changes have come about with his leadership.  These include 8:00 am Sunday morning worship, 5th Sunday Praise and Worship service, renovation and expansion of the church sanctuary and addition of an education wing.  The church saw the ordination of its first female deacon, Deacon Patsy McNair as well as being blessed with our first and only two female associate ministers, Rev. Bessie Wiggins and Min. Tamara Minor.

Most importantly, the Word of the God is being preached and taught as never before.  God has allowed us to reach higher and higher levels of edification and exhortation.  Our worship experiences are increasingly heightened as God imparts to Pastor Freeman, our associate ministers, Sunday School teachers and all Ministry leaders more power and discernment.  The Spirit of wisdom and revelation dwells among us mightily.  To God be the glory for the great things He has done and for all He has in store for us.  For truly our GREATER IS COMING!